Homeology™ Cleaning Products

How stylish are the bottles for Gold Canyon’s new line of environmentally-friendly Homeology™ cleaning products?

When my sister saw a few of the bottles tucked behind a chair (I’d run out of closet space for all the cleaning products I’ve been testing), she mistook the Homeology cleaners for wine bottles.

In fact, except for their spray tops, the bottles of Homeology All Purpose, Glass and Floor cleaners do look a lot like wine bottles.

But you wouldn’t want to try using wine to clean your floors.

Far better to use use these Homeology cleaners, which the manufacturer claims are biodegradable and non-toxic. All three are supposedly free of ammonia, chlorine, phosphate and dyes.

Instead, they use plant-based cleaning power including ingredients derived from corn and coconuts. (Which makes me wonder if anyone has ever concocted a recipe with corn and coconuts. Thanks to the Internet, I can find out in about 10 seconds that yes, someone has made a soup from corn and coconuts. But you still probably would not want to clean your floor with it.)

Other Green points in Homeology’s favor – it’s never tested on animals and apparently is safe to use around pets. Plus Homeology uses plant-based essential oils to give its cleaners their pleasant aromas of rosemary, mint, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and sweet orange.

As for their cleaning power, we have a bad habit of sometimes not wiping the kitchen countertops clean right after cooking. A couple spritzes of Homeology’s All-Purpose cleaning spray and a little muscle power had the counters looking good as new. And the whole kitchen smelled of rosemary, which just made us even hungrier than we already were. Must…indulge in…snack attack!

Where to buy:

You can order Homeology cleaning products online. The products are not inexpensive ($10.98 each), but the hefty 35-ounce bottles should last a good amount of time.


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