We generally don’t review purely decorative objects.

But on the other hand, sometimes people need more than cold, hard functionality.

Like little birds, we want to decorate our nests.

And at the risk of mixing metaphors (or invoking pelicans), sometimes we want to decorate those nests with fishes.

But if you’re going to buy some tchotchkes, we firmly believe you should look for something both eco-friendly and adorable like Seasodies ($10 each, 4 for $40).

Created from recycled soda bottles, these decorative 9-inch long fish are light enough to hang anywhere from their attached fishing line.

Whether you live at the shore or just want to bring some nautical flair to a landlubber home, Seasodies can add a bit of fun to any room.

Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, you’re sure to find a Seasodie that fits your color scheme.

Hang your seasodies near a window to let the breeze and sunlight work their magic and remind you of all the beautiful fish in the real sea.

Where to buy:
For now, you can only catch Seasodies on sale at the Beach Grass Shop in Kennebunkport, Maine.

If your travel plans don’t involve a Maine jaunt anytime soon, you can also reel in some Seasodies online through the Beach Grass Shop’s online storefront.


2 responses to “Seasodies

  1. I bought these beautiful fish for my grandchildren last summer while on vacation in Mystic, CONN. The store was in old Mystic on Main Street. when I went to that same store this summer (I wanted to purchase more fish) the store has closed down. Last year the store owner told me a woman and her daughter made the fish from soda bottles. THe ceiling in her store had hundreds of fish hanging- beautiful assortment of colors..Are you the same person who commissioned her to sell the fish? pls advise. thank you.

    • Hi Joan,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I did not commission the Seasodies, I just reviewed them. Hope you can find some more elsewhere. Meanwhile, hopefully you’ll find some other interesting eco-friendly items here on

      – Aaron Dalton, Editor,

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