Pharox LED light bulb

Last October, we reviewed the EarthLED EvoLux(TM) bulb and praised it for using just 13-watts of power to deliver the same illumination as a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

As that EarthLED review mentioned, there’s lots to like about LED bulbs:

  • No mercury (unlike CFLs)
  • Very low power consumption for significant luminance
  • Very long lasting – approximately 50,000 hours compared to say 750 hours for a 100-watt incandescent bulb.
  • Relatively cool to the touch since the energy produces light, not heat. So LED bulbs are great to use in hot climates when you don’t want your indoor illumination adding strain to your air conditioner.

The only thing we didn’t like about the EarthLED bulb was the cost. A single bulb would put an $80 dent in your wallet.

That’s why we were thrilled when Lemnis Lighting, a Dutch company, sent us information on its Pharox LED bulb. This 4-watt LED bulb is designed to replace a 40-watt incandencent.

That’s right – Pharox offers 90% energy savings over your old incandescent filament bulb, plus all the other benefits listed above. Pharox has a friendlier sticker price too – only $34.95 through

Now, $35 is still a lot for a bulb, but if your one Pharox LED bulb lasts as long as 50 incandescent bulbs (which Lemnis claims it should), you’ll probably come out ahead financially in the long run while saving tons of energy in the process.

Indeed, Lemnis asserts that if every American household switched four 40-watt incandescent bulbs to Pharox 4-watt lamps, American would save $113 billion in energy costs over the lifetime of the Pharox bulbs.

And now for a few caveats:

  • A 40-watt bulb may not be sufficient for your needs. We installed our sample Pharox LED bulb in a small closet/hallway area and found that the bulb casts enough light for us to choose towels and rummage through our medicine bin, but just barely. We’re hoping that Pharox comes out with a 6-watt replacement for a 60-watt incandenscent…
  • The light is very white. A comment on Amazon describes the light as greenish. I wouldn’t go that far. In fact, you might think of the Pharox light as a sort of ‘heavenly glow‘, the sort of light in which seraphim might bathe. Or you might just think, “Gee, that’s some darn white light.”
  • Some folks complain that CFL bulbs take a fraction of a second (or longer) to turn on after the switch is flipped. We didn’t have that problem with the Pharox bulb, but strangely it did seem to take a smidgen of time to turn off after we flipped the switch. Either that or our eyes are playing tricks on us, which is totally possible.

Where to buy:

The Lemnis website directs consumers to, as mentioned above, where a 3rd party retailer sells the bulb for $34.95.

P.S. – For what it’s worth, EarthLED now apparently offers a ZetaLux 7-watt LED bulb that claims to offer illumination comparable to a 50-60 watt incandescent bulb. The bulb is priced at $49.99 and offered in either cool or warm styles. Bulk pricing lets you lower the per-bulb price if you’re willing to buy four or more ZetaLux bulbs at a time.


6 responses to “Pharox LED light bulb

  1. I am a big fan of LED lighting. Choose a bulb that fits the application (lumens and color) and you will be happy. Unfortunately many manufacturers and vendors overstate (I’m being kind here) their products specifications.
    I have purchased 45 LED bulbs and have had mixed reliability.
    The good news – some are very reliable. I have five LED bulbs outside that have run dusk to dawn for two years with no problems.
    The bad news – some bulbs are VERY unreliable. VERY high failure rates.
    I purchased 12 of one type LED bulb and 12 out of 12 have failed (8.5W product 47856 from 100% failure rate. To make matters worse they are refusing to replace them now.
    Beware of This company is selling products that they know are defective. No support for failed LED bulbs. These bulbs are very expensive ($20 – $105) and in some cases last only two or three weeks. They refuse to replace defective bulbs. is selling known defective products and has bad customer service., LED, problem, fail, failure, burnout, quit, reliability, unreliable, review

  2. $35 is a good price for an LED bulb, but the problem is that the more wattage you want from an LED bulb, the more expensive it tends to be, either because the bulb uses more LEDs, or because they’re of a higher quality and therefore brighter.

  3. signing in to try for the free LED!

  4. Hi Aaron,

    Yes, I had a great experience buying not only the Pharox LED at Eaglelight, but also some other LED lights.

    Eaglelight seems to have the best prices on LEDs across the board, but beyond that, they shipped very promptly, they guarantee their LEDs with a 100% money back guarantee, and they have great customer service.

    It’s not always easy to choose the best LED light from a picture, so I called Eaglelight’s customer service 800#. One of the company’s owners called me back promptly and took a lot of time to ask me about my situation and suggest LED lights that might work best for me. I really appreciated that.

    Since I know you like green products like me, take a look at the PAR lights Eaglelight sells. They have worked really well for me to replace brighter lights than I use the Pharox for, like 75 watt bulbs for instance.

    I also bought the coolest LED flashlight on Eaglelight that has a Zoom and I have never seen such a powerful light – it throws light the length of a football field almost like it’s daylight, and the flashlight is only the size of my hand!

    Lastly, check out the color changing LED lights – they are so fantastic for parties (as I know because my teenagers now beg me to let them borrow them whenever they have friends over : )

  5. Thanks for the comment, Ellen!

    And thank you for sharing a lower-cost etail option for purchasing the Pharox LED bulb.

    FYI, we tend to err on the side of caution and recommend readers buy through well-known online retail options (like or the manufacturers’ own websites.

    But we certainly appreciate giving people other options and encourage our readers to do their own homework or research when possible.

    Have you had a good experience buying Pharox bulbs through

  6. The Pharox LED is my favorite bulb. Because it’s LEDs it saves about 75% on my electric bill, but it’s got a frosted globe and shines with a soft, warm glow like an incandescent bulb.

    You gave a price on Amazon of $34.95, but you can get it for two dollars cheaper – only $32.95 – on

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