Important Notice — is moving!

4/7 update – I will not be posting any new content until 1GreenProduct moves to its new home. I hope this will happen in early May or early June. Sorry for the delay in posting new content, but please enjoy the existing content until that time. If anything goes wrong in the transfer process, you should be able to get information by visiting

Dear Readers,

After a couple of years publishing on the blogging platform, I’m moving back over to Blogger.

The new-and-improved Blogger seems much nicer than WordPress in terms of usability and design.

The move won’t actually take place for a few weeks, but I wanted to give you advance now in case there are any hiccups along the way.

(I did in fact transfer all the old posts over to the Blogger platform today and there were plenty of hiccups, believe me.)

Thanks in advance for your patience and support. I hope you’ll enjoy even more in its new home.


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