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Scion Unveils 2011 iQ – Premium Micro-Subcompact

Generally 1GreenProduct.com only reviews products that are available for purchase already – preferably after we’ve been able to test the product first-hand.

But rules were made to be broken.

And that’s why we’d like to contribute some advance buzz to the newly unveiled 2011 Scion iQ – projected to hit dealerships early next year. Just unveiled at the NY Auto Show, the iQ looks primed to add some serious style to micro-subcompact sector.

Just how small is the iQ. At 120 inches long, it’s about one foot longer than the Smart fortwo, but a good two feet shorter than either the Yaris or the Mini Cooper.

In my experience, the Yaris and the Mini Cooper (especially the Cooper) were both fun to drive. The Smart fortwo, not so much. Does that mean that iQ will fall somewhere in the middle in terms of excitement and comfort, or will it blow its subcompact competitors out of the water?

Scion promises that through innovative technology (ultra-slim front seat backs!), you’ll be able to fit three adults and a pet (presumably a small pet) into this car.

From an eco standpoint, Scion is gunning for an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV-II) rating, plus combined mileage in the high 30s.

I’ll be honest. I can’t wait to test drive this thing. I love small cars for their¬†maneuverability¬†– and of course for the fact that they take up less room on the road and presumably require fewer raw materials in the manufacturing process. Plus the iQ just looks extraordinarily fun to drive. (Of course, the Smart looked fun to drive too and turned out to be painful, so looks can be deceiving…)

And let’s hope that the tiny iQ doesn’t come with an outsized price tag.

Stay tuned. The next few years should be pretty exciting when it comes to new Greener vehicles.